Getting Started
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Getting Started

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To get started with the Nutritionix API, you must perform the following:

  1. Get to know the supported endpoints.
  2. Get well versed with the nutrients and nutrient IDs.
  3. Obtain the API keys or Sign up to receive an API key.
  4. Understand the Request Headers to make API requests.
  5. Make API requests to return valid response.
  6. Handle the responses from the API in your application.


Attribution Requirement


Any user interface you develop that accesses the Nutritionix API is required to have attribution to Nutritionix.

All interfaces that hit the Nutritionix API are required to give attribution to Nutritionix. The format of the attribution is relatively flexible, but it must be reasonably visible to the end-user without necessitating scrolling.

Click on the below link to access downloadable attribution logo files:



It is not a requirement to use these exact images, feel free to have your own team customize these logos to fit your app UI.

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